Working Principle of Asphalt Drum Plant

With the rapid development of industries world wide, we have reached the height of success by supplying quality range of Asphalt Drum Plant and Asphalt Mixing Plant.

Initially, the asphalt ingredients are fed constantly to the rotating drum that delivers a regular production of the hot mix. The major components of Asphalt drum plant are aggregates, asphalt, and the mineral fillers. The transformation of aggregates is done by the conveyor from the feeder bins to the rotary drum. Further, the moisture is removed by the burner from the aggregate, and then the aggregate is heated to attain the desired temperatures. The hot aggregate is mixed and coated with asphalt and the filler materials. The hot mix is transferred from the drum to vehicles by the load conveyor.

Once the asphalt mixer plant is supplied to the customer, helps the customer in fast installation of the asphalt equipment. The feeder bins, pumping unit with asphalt tank, and the mineral filler unit are coordinated to maintain proper proportion of the hot mix ingredients. The dust is accumulated by the dust collector, and moved through the pollution control unit, before it escapes to the environment. Asphalt Drum Mix Plants are widely appreciated in the market for their high efficiency and optimum functioning.