Asphalt is a useful element used for road pavements. The main feature of this plant is the controlled heating and mixing of the constituents. We are listed at apex as an Asphalt Drum Plant Manufacturer in India.

The purpose of an Asphalt Plant is to blend aggregates, asphalt and other additives at an elevated temperature to produce a homogenous hot mix asphalt paving mixture. The extensive usage of asphalt plant is due to its major features of resistance to water and binding capability. The hardness and strength of the road surfaces is influenced by the asphalt capability to bind the aggregate of sand and stone together.


  • Asphalt Drum Plant is used to make blacktop, mixture of asphalt, macadam, coated red stone and other materials
  • Available in capacities ranging from 35 to 150 TPH output in different models.
  • Manufactured from modern technology to minimize noise and pollution
  • Easy to operate and minimum maintenance
  • Drum mix plant are perfect for large construction and not for short production runs
  • Best quality drum mix asphalt with low dust emission and at low fuel consumption