Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

Asphalt Drum Plant

Mewad Equipments is a top manufacturer and supplier of Asphalt Drum Plant in India. We manufacture Asphalt Plant by incorporating cutting-edge technology in order to provide qualitative output to clients. Our Asphalt Drum Plant is used to manufacture coated road stones consisting of asphalt and macadam. These stones are known as blacktop.

The components of Asphalt plant encompasses of Multiple Cold Aggregate Feeder Bins, Slinger Conveyor, Rotary Drum, Burner, Asphalt Tank, Mineral Filler Unit, Load out Conveyor,  Fuel Service Tank, Wet Scrubber and Control Panel. We are proud of our revolutionary change with and modern technology and strive to give customer the most advanced product available in the market.

Today Mewad Equipments heads the manufacturing market of road construction machinery like Asphalt Plants, Asphalt Drum Mix Plant and Asphalt Mix Plant in domestic and international market. Our equipments are also supplied to Afghanistan, Algeria, Nigeria, Kenya, China, Japan, Russia and many other countries across the globe.

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Last Updated : 08-Jun-2019 [Vinseo]